• Amethyst, Lapis, Aventurine Squash Flower Necklace

  • Author Signed: THE ANCESTOR WITHIN

  • aventurine

  • Earth, Sun & Air

  • Gold Obsidian in Sterling Silver

  • Green Obsidian Arrow

  • Necklace

  • Obsidian Ancient Artifact

  • Sacred Death: 25 Tools for Caregivers

  • Shaman Heart

  • Smokey Point Cluster


What are meditation stones?

Jewelry made by The Intuitive Eye Jewelry Maker can be either worn or displayed as an object ascribed with religious or magical powers intended to protect or heal individuals for whom they are made. Stones and crystals have long been utilized to enhance meditation, and when placed in a pendant, earrings or other jewelry forms can be carried on the body. Also known as talismans, these pieces are often carried, worn or placed by someone for a specific symbolic prayer or wish.

Often used as physical symbols, spiritual amulets are useful in meditation. While meditating, natural stones and crystals are often used to promote affirmations of good fortune, healing, protection from negativity, and increased physical energy. It is important to get ethically sourced stones, crystals and silver when creating an amulet. The Intuitive Eye Jewelry Maker uses only recycled fine sterling silver, high quality stones and crystals that she knows were collected ethically and with respect to the land.

All meditation and spiritual amulets in our shop are metaphysically cleaned and charged just before packaging. To activate an amulet and to learn more about metaphysical cleaning and charging please read the information that comes with an amulet purchase.

Amulets can be ordered on commission for a specific purpose, using client own stones and crystal.  For details, please visit the shop.

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