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I am a small woman-owned business. I put my customers’ wants and needs first. Please email me with your questions, request, and feedback. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Lisa A. Newton

Lisa Newton I make one-of-a-kind fine sterling silver jewelry. While maintaining a state of meditation, I form fine sterling silver around the stone or crystal to optimize both beauty and connection to the skin of the wearer. I my silver is recycled and stones are free from negativity at any stage.

I have enjoyed working with other spiritual-minded healers in writing five Amazon International Award Winning #1 spiritual self-help books with Brave Healer Productions.

A few years ago, I met a true jewelry artist who made pieces intuitively, literally amazing work flowed from her skilled hands. It brought her joy and gave her something to share, and I was hooked. I was so fortunate to have Kathy Walters as my mentor. Click on her name to see her in action. Her work is found  here: (Link to Website)

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